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Robert's latest film tackles discrimination Based on a best-selling novel by R. Palacio and starring Hollywood A lister, Julia Roberts, Wonder is the story of a boy suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome a genetic disorder that deforms the face. At the age of 10, Auggie has already been through 27 surgical procedures to correct his birth-defect facial abnormalities.

Julia Roberts explains how Wonder avoided sentimentality To read more on Wonder, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here. With the rise of Pixar and the like as the premiere purveyors of family films, the live-action market for similar movies has dried up.

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Telling the story of Auggie Pullman Jacob Tremblay , a fifth grader with craniofacial difference entering a neighborhood school for the first time, the adaptation of Wonder could On the flip side, for those of us in the audience, we demand more than simple manipulation. We want to feel that the tears we shed are earned, not pried out of our ducts with a crowbar. We want subtlety in exchange for our precious sniffles. Notably the period where studios begin to trot out the more thought-provoking — and Oscar hopeful — heavy-hitters, this season also features its fa Through his Project , he creates and delivers custom-made teddy bears.

Today, Tongal unveiled the heartwarming — and tear-jerking — shorts: The Fuzzy Spark which can be watched above , Roadside Assistance, and Please Recycle.

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The films, like Wonder, encourage viewers to ChooseKind. The campaign started with Lionsgate enlisting But it's his latest movie, Wonder, that might tug at your heartstrings the hardest. Based on a true story, Wonder is the tear-jerking tale of a young boy named August "Auggie" Pullman.

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Born with a craniofacial condition, which affects how the face and skull form and grow, Auggie undergoes multiple surgeries as a child to be able to breathe, talk, and look as normal as possible. Despite this, he It's time to refresh yourself on the Critics' Choice Awards nominees!

Check them all out below before the show airs on Jan.

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Disney released an exciting trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, a sequel to the hit film, on Sunday night during the Oscars. Some of us, however, were understandably too distracted by all of the jaw-dropping fashion moments, the gorgeous beauty looks, and powerful speeches to have noticed. Fear not, because the internet, much like Poppins bottomless bag, has just what you need. In the first-look clip, Blunt literally flies down from the sky holding onto a ki As difficult as it is to get even one movie made in brand-driven Hollywood, Mandeville in somehow finessed three, all very different — a blockbuster, a sleeper and a critical The Washington Post.

Over the next two weeks, almost every major studio Warner Bros. It also gives Disney 10 of the top 11 Turkey Day o Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! This y Sickly sweet … Wonder.

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But this brave boy must now start school, and face down the bullying and staring, without the toy astronaut helmet that he has, until now, always worn outside. The Guardian. Predicting such a feat assumes that this time around the audience has proved more early adoptive than in the case of the original film.

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Working in its favour is the fact that Paddington 2 was released There's a new movie called Wonder coming out this weekend, about a homeschooled year-old boy named Auggie played by Jacob Tremblay experiencing his first time in a real elementary school. Like any new kid, he struggles making friends and facing bullies, but Auggie's case is especially poignant because he was born with a condition that leaves him with visible facial differences. According to R. Palacio, author of the book that inspired the film, Auggie is supposed to have a specific condition called mandibulofacial dysostosis, which is commonly referred to as "Treacher Collins syndrom And, oh yeah, he's totally naked.

Much of the action takes place See how many of the movies you remember in the clip above. Previews began at 6PM. There are 38 more countries opening today. Recently, Di Chbosky will write with the opportunity to direct the film.

Warner Bros. Find out how Wonder made director Stephen Chbosky a better person For his second movie, Stephen Chbosky — who made his debut in directing the big-screen adaptation of his own novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower — turned to another novel: R. At the helm are David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, a pairing that handles both smaller films with an indie feel and larger popcorn movies for studios with equal ease — Stronger, which tells the story of Boston M The Rian Johnson-helmed installment became the 4th movie to pass the milestone in , and the second for Disney after Beauty And The Beast.

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Occasional page with pencil annotation. Size: Octavo standard book size.

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