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Like a 'chuapai' has four lines, 'musaddas' has three 'shers' and six lines," Abid Alvi, who carried out the translation, said. The youth, who hails from Jaunpur, said he was planning more such works, including translation of Shiv Chalisa prayer, as he felt that it will help people from the two communities to understand each other's cultre and beliefs. Therefore, I want that Urdu books are translated into Hindi and vice versa," he said.

This will strengthen brotherhood, unity and love. Therefore, I did this work," he explained.

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Alvi said though he was a student of Hindi, it took him three months to translate Hanuman Chalisa into Urdu to do justice to the work and avoid any mistake. On whether he faced any opposition, Alvi said, "When I asked several persons whether there would be any problem in doing it they said Quran preaches to maintain communal harmony at any cost. In , noted Urdu poet and author Anwar Jalalpuri had translated the verses of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita into over 1, Urdu couplets. Anwar Jalalpuri not only translated 'shlokas' verses in chaste Urdu 'shers' couplets , but also made an effort to recapture the essence of the sacred text.

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