Finding Your Own Way Towards Success

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Alternate perspectives can eliminate the blind spots and bring you down from the clouds. Mentorship is a service. How can you help this person? You need to care more about their goals than you care about your own. Actually, your number one goal is to help them with their goals.

Under promise and over perform. When you get an assignment, blow them away. Do more than expected. Make their life as easy as possible. Get them excited to work with you more. Never stop seeking help from those who are where you want to be. Never let a goal become more important than helping people.

4 Tips To Help You Succeed In Your Own Way

Help others generously, abundantly. Help others without expectation of a return favor. Serving others will turn you into a mentor yourself. And you will always find more joy in helping others succeed than in achieving your own success.

How To Find Your Own Definition of Success

Influencers focus on helping one another without expecting anything in return. They give and balance with their own self-interests to make giving a win-win for all parties.

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  • What does it mean to be just as happy for the success of others as for our own? Adopting a praising and loving attitude will help you bask in the success of those you know and with whom you feel a personal connection.

    Finding Your Own Path to Success

    We feel fulfilled instead of bitter. You might feel happy but conflicted, especially if you feel less successful at the moment. Your inner circle of affiliations and acquaintances grows, and you can feel appropriately satisfied by that. Now you have an internal referral that might benefit your own career should you desire working with the same company.

    Then a secretive entrepreneur named Saito hires Cobb to do something a little different: plant an idea—inception—instead of stealing one. For inception to be successful, the idea that Cobb plants has to be simple, emotional and positive. Not reason. We need to find a way to translate this into an emotional concept…. Positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.

    Over the past several years, researchers have been investigating how perceptions and mindsets can be transferred to others. And as it turns out, the three best strategies for transferring positive genius to others are not that different from the ones Cobb employed. See what they are here. What most people see at a glance—happiness, wealth, a great career, purpose—is the result of hard work and hustle over time.

    6 Steps for Success in Life

    Find how you can make difference with these skills. He gave a beautiful analogy of genes. Copy from multiple people. Gather positive traits from all of them, remix them, adapt this unique personality and start polishing it over time.

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    Try to push your existing comfort zone boundaries. You need to challenge existing patterns and what people are doing for so long. If you really want to be seen in the flock of sheep and want your voice to be heard, you need to do something different. This can be as simple as starting your blog series, immersing yourself into side projects, starting podcast series, or creating video tutorials. Your mentor would be able to guide you through the challenges he had faced or the path, he is himself headed to but not where you wanted to move ahead.

    When I received a dribbble invite earlier than my mentor, Vineet Arora , I remember him saying to me that this is till where I could guide you, now you need to find some other mentor who will teach you how to market yourself on dribbble. Now it all makes sense. It is important to change your mentors when it is needed. It also opens a way to new opportunities. When you follow a single mentor for a long time, It will make you narrow-minded.

    This can hinder your growth and smother your creativity. Having different perspective of things in design will really help you.

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    • People are always ready to help out but you need to reach out to them. There is no easy way to achieve success. Stop looking for what others are doing. Find your own path to success or make one by yourself. Have you found out your unique path yet? Do let me know in comments. Thanks for reading this so far. I am currently posting freebies on Dribbble.

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