How to Survive Christmas

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Even if you have been good, taking our advice consuming non-alcoholic drinks in between — the chances are you could still be feeling pretty rough. As soon as you are feeling remotely human, and your chances of throwing up have lessened, then think about doing some exercise. A brisk walk, light jog or swim will help work off those extra roast potatoes and all those second helpings you may have had.

Top 10 Tips to Survive Christmas and New Year's Eve at Walt Disney World

Getting active will also help you feel normal again, dispel any festive cabin fever and help repair some of the damage you have done to yourself. Sleeping is the time when our bodies recover from the excesses of life. Drinking and eating too much can severely affect our sleep patterns, as can the frequent late nights that are a regular occurrence during the festive period.

Over Christmas and New Year, many people are sleep-starved leaving them not fit for much after a few late nights, let alone being the life and soul of the party. Therefore, make sure you get some quality sleep — even if it is just a few hours. If possible, plan your holidays so that you are not forced into going into work over the festive period. Many people try burning the candle at both ends, combining parties and work, and end up completely knackered.

Time off in the run up to Christmas will prevent you from being overworked and overstressed by the time it arrives, so you will be in a better position to enjoy the whole experience. If you are concerned about being lonely over Christmas, either being single or unable to spend it with family, then do something about it now.

Think about inviting a few others over who are in the same boat as you and consider offering your house as a venue for the event.

How To Survive Christmas in Ten Easy Steps - Evolution LDN

Also try not to turn down any invitations to other festive events, provided that you are giving yourself a chance to recover in between! Christmas should be fun but if you find that previous years have not been enjoyable then consider doing something about it — try something different. One way would just be to get away from it all and remove the majority of the hassle from the whole festive experience. Although — we all know how stressful preparing for a holiday can be! Search Register Login here.

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Leaderboard realbuzz Leaderboard. Achievers Wall of Fame. We have uncles, aunties, cousins and their children all gathering up to enjoy a Christmas meal. The day is usually chaotic but fun, with lots of people coming and going.

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However, once the dinner is served, we all sit down at the table and spend hours talking, which is where all the potential for disagreement may arise. One year, my cousin and I came up with a list of topics that may usually cause disagreements in our family.

Most of them included politics. The older generation often supports a diametrically different political party than the younger generation.

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We figured out that once we know what topics are our hot buttons, we will be able to steer away from them. This is the first step to cope with family spats over Christmas:.

How to survive Christmas - 19 tips on getting through the big day without arguing with the family

This is exactly what we did in our family. Before the dinner, we shared a list of our hot topics with our mums dads, uncles and aunties. They added two more topics to the list and we all agreed that if any of these topics are mentioned at the table, everyone has a right to veto them. If anyone heard someone else mention something from the list, they would yell: veto!

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Moreover, research shows that every close relationship has at least two topics that no matter how hard they try, they are unable to resolve. Sometimes identifying these topics may spare you a lot of grief, anger, and irritation. They come out as our heart beating faster, or our body sweating, legs feeling jittery, hot flashes, nausea. Think of some of your own body reactions just before you get very annoyed and cannot stop yourself, and try and spot them when they happen. It is important to notice them, as at this early stage, when you are about to get frustrated, you may still be able to do something about it.

What can you do? This can be changing the topic, walking to the kitchen to pick something up, taking a walk after the dinner, singing a song in your head that has a calming effect on you, counting to 10, taking a few deep breaths, rehearsing mantras, such as: let the baby have its bottle, or this fight is just not worth it. What you are trying to do here is not to react to an argument in a way that would make you feel regretful later.

How to Survive the Holidays

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