Mastering the Power of Life

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What if every problem and pain you had was life happening for you — not to you? What if that obnoxious co-worker is really there to teach you something? What if the school traffic is actually an opportunity to talk to your kids? What if your problems were gifts? How would that change things for you? We all ascribe meaning to the events in our lives, even the little things. Deal with it. That short question is magical. You engage both the power of your conscious mind and the power of your unconscious mind.

Plus you discover that it uses more energy to resist than it does to solve. Forward flow always gathers momentum. Case in point. I kept hoping that magically, my back would sort itself out. Finally, I accepted what was going on, went and had x-rays etc to find out how bad it was, and when the results came back… decided I was going to heal myself. That was the beginning of my yoga journey. And healing chronic back issues! Mind shift required.


Difficult stuff will happen. Illnesses, accidents, deaths, losses, betrayals, divorces, failure… it will all happen to you, at one time or another. When the going gets tough, resolve to make it through. When the going gets tough, remind yourself that you can choose to struggle, or you can choose to grow.

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Defiant, yes. But I knew I needed to call on that determined and focused energy from within to get me through this tough time. I had to make a stand, and I had to write it down to convince myself I could do it. And I have.

The rule of 168.

That means a daily spiritual practice, or five. That simple. Of course, what a spiritual practice is will vary wildly from person to person. The practices that work for me are daily morning pages, walking, pranayama, meditation and movement dance or asana. Cooking and cleaning are also valuable practices. What works for you could be totally different and include everything from horse riding to landscape painting to welding.

And that it connects you to a state of flow, to something bigger than yourself. Find out how. How can I reach my goals faster?

Life Mastery Circle: How To Master Every Area Of Your Life

How to get motivated and be the master of my life? How can I develop a successful mindset? How can I get the millionaire mindset? Today I'll reveal three secret ways to get the millionaire mindset, get motivated, and be the master of your life. There are many people out there who seek to live an energetic life full of passion and power. To transform ourselves we need to change our beliefs and the way we think. In the end, it all comes down to your mentality.

Even if you're more than capable of performing a specific task, if you think you can't, guess what? You can't. Self-belief goes a long way.

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Here are some other things you can do to reach your infinite potential as a human being:. Our mind is like the earth, you get whatever you plant on it.

If you plant a thorn bush that's what will grow. If you plant a mango tree, you'll get a mango tree. The choice is in your hands.

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What do you want to "plant" in your mind? Thoughts of passion, positivity and progress? Or negative thoughts that will leave you unhappy? If you "plant" wonderful thoughts in your brain, you will also achieve wonderful results. Negative thoughts prevent you from moving forward, keeping you stuck in the same place.

Wherever your focus goes, your energy follows.

Mastering Self Transformation | Realize and manifest the truth of your self

These negative thoughts you "plant" in your brain can grow fast, a lot faster than you think. You obviously don't want to live your whole life with negative emotions, sadness, and anger, so free your soul and get rid of your negative thoughts. Remember: Thoughts generate emotions, emotions generate actions, actions generate results!

Write down 10 empowering thoughts about yourself and your life on a small note or flashcard you can carry around. An obstacle or problem can be the worst thing in the entire world but, on the other hand, it can also end up being the best thing that's ever happened to you. It all comes down to how YOU choose to deal with any problem or obstacle that comes you way.

You already can handle with any problem that comes your way. Haven't you had issues in the past? Didn't you find a way to move forward? What's makes this particular problem any different from the others. Then, take a seat and write down 10 ways to solve the problem at hand. Firstly, doing this helps you visualize how you're going to deal with the problem. Choose one problem you're dealing with right now, and write down 10 ways to solve the problem.

Secondly, it helps you solve the problem in the simplest and easiest way possible. Those who do not make mistakes do not progress in life.