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Nordic Women's and Gender History Conference. Women and history 1, The creation of patriarchy Gerda Lerner 3. Bold, brilliant and bad Irish women from history Marian Broderick 4. Cupboards of curiosity women, recollection, and Amelie Hastie 5. Women and history 2, The creation of feminist consciousness : fr Gerda Lerner 6. The war on normal people the truth about Americ Andrew Yang 7.

Bodies of subversion a secret history of women Margot Mifflin 8. A century of women the history of women in Brit Sheila Rowbotham 9. She bop the definitive history of women in rock Lucy O'Brien Women and the making of the modern house a soci Alice T. Friedman The timetables of women's history a chronology Karen Greenspan Women writers of the Beat era autobiography and Mary Paniccia Carden Historic Scotland, people and places the men, w David John Breeze The lesbian history sourcebook love and sex bet She bop II the definitive history of women in r An economic history of women in America women's Julie A.

Matthaei Zhongguo bu gaoxing da shidai, da mubiao ji wom Remaking women feminism and modernity in the Mi Witches and pagans women in European folk relig The Lenaia vases revisited image, ritual, and D Viveca Olsson Its "glory days," as viewed by some, were in the s, when the British, French, Americans, and others had settlements that largely excluded the Chinese.

The Bund along the Huangpu River became a major financial center. Of course things changed when the communists took over in China got its city back, at least for awhile. Then things changed again In the s and 80s with the thawing of economic policy in China. Shanghai got some of its old character, and old characters, back. That of course leads me to wonder where it is at today. If one were to judge by places like the Glamour Bar and M, one would say that the glory days are back.

If one is to judge by the Mint , one would say that the glory days are still to come. The female Chinese bartender at Hamilton House mentioned the Mint to me one evening. We were talking about places in the Bund area. I had the impression that she was not recommending it, just telling me matter-of-factly that it was there. She drew a map, showing it up the street and over on Hongkou.

I decided to have a look. But when I got there, there was some question about my having a look. There was a line outside the door with a lot of well dressed young people, including several tall blonds tossing their hair like movie stars. When I got to the head of the line a young man, international looking and pompous—hired, I think, for his "swarthy" look—asked if I had a reservation. I confessed that I did not. Voulez-vous danser avec moi, mon cher? Die Nacht ist jung. Somehow he decided a look was okay and I stepped into an elevator with several blonds and their Tom Cruz boyfriends following me in.

These were not expats, I was pretty sure. They were tourists on a weekend fling. They were a remnant, or a reincarnation, of the old jet set that still had money. I don't think they even noticed me in back of them in the elevator. Or if they did, I was like some street vendor— huang niu or scapler—with box of fake Mont Blanc pens. As the doors closed, it seemed as if the elevator suddenly began filling up with a gas—one that prevented you from laughing or smiling.

I felt dizzy, tonyun.

Mavis bu Gaoxing!

A young lawyer on a binge? Pretty cool-lookin' kid. She's a really good-looking babe. Do you have any idea, counsel? I wouldn't mind She wasn't listening. I couldn't even get in the bathroom till 4 o'clock. I cleared my throat but it went unnoticed. All women do that.

Mavis bu Gaoxing!

The bathroom is like an extension of the womb, moist, warm A binge Freudian of some kind. You're making too much of this. I had the impression that Jim wasn't completely Jim but would like to be. We were at the Mint floor now and the door opened but no one got out. Bev, pressing the OPEN button, was detailing exactly what she thought men were. It looked like it would be awhile.

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Finally I decided to get out Chinese style. I think they were surprised that there was another person there. Outside of the elevator my head cleared up, and I noticed that there were people walking every which way. I soon discovered why. The Mint is a whole bunch of bars and restaurants. It was five Glamour Bars and five M Restaurants all in one but with the lights turned low.

It glowed more than it gleamed; it was more rubies and sapphiress than diamonds. It was late now and some of the restaurant and bar spaces were empty. I decided against wasting my money on an expensive drink. I just looked around, first at the view, which was unbeatable, then at some dirty plates being removed from a table by a young Chinese busboy. He looked yidian lei , a little tired. On the way out I spotted the blonds, their hair gleaming like gold, and their boyfriends seated in one of the lounges.

They were on the far side of the room but it was no problem hearing Bev, martini now in hand. Times change, language evolves, but meaning remains much the same.

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Her boyfriend was looking out the window at the city all lit up. I'm not as young as I used to be. I know, anyone can say that. Just wait one moment, then say it: "I'm not as young as I used to be. Politicians, at a loss for anything else to say, might give it a try. But let's get on with it. Time, shijian , may be short for me. I was thinking the other day that I needed more philosophy in my life. I used to think, I used to ponder, I used to "put it in my pipe and smoke it.

I got married, then I got divorced. Journey into Europe Akbar Ahmed Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar.

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Laddas ned direkt. More than ten years later, the results are decidedly mixed. Here world-renowned author, diplomat, and scholar Akbar Ahmed reveals an important yet largely ignored result of this war: in many nations it has exacerbated the already broken relationship between central governments and the largely rural Muslim tribal societies on the peripheries of both Muslim and non-Muslim nations. The center and the periphery are engaged in a mutually destructive civil war across the globe, a conflict that has been intensified by the war on terror. Conflicts between governments and tribal societies predate the war on terror in many regions, from South Asia to the Middle East to North Africa, pitting those in the centers of power against those who live in the outlying provinces.

Akbar Ahmed's unique study demonstrates that this conflict between the center and the periphery has entered a new and dangerous stage with U. American firepower and its vast anti-terror network have turned the war on terror into a global war on tribal Islam. And too often the victims are innocent children at school, women in their homes, workers simply trying to earn a living, and worshipers in their mosques.

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The study provides the social and historical context necessary to understand how both central governments and tribal societies have become embroiled in America's war. Beginning with Waziristan and expanding to societies in Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere, Ahmed offers a fresh approach to the conflicts studied and presents an unprecedented paradigm for understanding and winning the war on terror. Passar bra ihop. At the very first session there were disputes on the question of precedence, and when these were resolved, a battle of wits started among the participants.

Each tried to display his own scholarship and reveal the ignorance of the others. Questions were asked to belittle rivals, and soon the gatherings degenerated into religious squabbles. The two great theologians of the court, Makhdum-ul-Mulk and Shaikh Abdul Nabi, arrayed on opposite sides, attacked each other so mercilessly that Akbar lost confidence in both of them. His disillusionment extended to the orthodoxy they represented. He used his position for two main purposes: to persecute the unorthodox and to accumulate fabulous wealth.

Badauni says that when he died, thirty million rupees in cash were found in his house, and several boxes containing gold blocks were buried in a false tomb.