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The text in the book was long making it for very patient children. This book would probably be a good read for children aged six to eight.

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Children would better grasp the information that is being explained in this story. Character: Rosa Parks.

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She is a believable character because she was a real woman in the course of American History. She stood up for African American Civil Rights in a time when America was in turmoil over segregation issues.

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  8. Plot: This story tells the story of Rosa Parks. It details the day Rosa Parks was arrested for standing up to inequality. Illustrations: The illustrations were nicely done.

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    5. They resemble the real life people that are portrayed in this story. They are very realistic and artistic. Lots of color and two pages open up to a spread of the marches held to end segregation Pacing: This book is a long one for children. The story is long because it tells the story of Rosa Parks. Setting: Montgomery, Alabama.

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      Tension: Mrs. Rosa Parks is asked to move when she boards a bus in Alabama. She refuses and doing so causes a spark that fuels the Civil Rights Movement that was currently happening in the United States. With long trails the Civil Rights Movements gains a peace when segregation is made illegal in the United States. Design and Layout: This book is hardcover and very long.

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