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John Wilkins - Scientific Realism & Structural Realism

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Scientific Realism and the Quantum

Copy URL. Scientific Realism and Metaphysics Ratio, Vol. So far as their empirical content goes, all these interpretations are equivalent. They are, from the standpoint of instrumentalism, indistinguishable, but from the standpoint of scientific realism vastly different. Are we employing a device that churns out predictions, or are we satisfying, in the most reliable way that we have, our basic ontological urge to figure out where we are and what we are?

Are we never carried, by way of science, beyond the contents of experience, or does science permit us to extend our reach beyond our meager sensory apparatus, enabling us to grasp aspects of reality—the elusive thing in itself—that would be otherwise inaccessible? What a different picture of science—and of us—these two viewpoints yield. Skip to main content. All Rights Reserved. In the News [ 20 ].

On the current status of the issue of scientific realism | SpringerLink

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