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If so, in what way s?

What makes it unique? One of the things that L. Frank Baum did not like about traditional fairy tales was the didactic way in which they taught morals and values.

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Does his story express any particular values or moral lessons? If so, how does he communicate them? Though this story has had a timeless appeal, is there anything time-bounded or dated about it? Are there aspects of the story, characters, style, or setting that decrease the accessibility or appeal of the book for a modern audience? In some cases, these illustrations anticipate the action in the text. What effect do the illustrations have on your reading of the story? The Scarecrow yearns for a brain, but in reality he is the most intelligent of the small group in which Dorothy travels.

Is this irony present elsewhere in the story? Analyze the character of the Wizard. Why does he behave the way he does? Is his behavior excusable or not? He tells Dorothy that he is a good man but a bad wizard. Do you agree? What is the significance of the delicate people in the Dainty China Country?

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Do you think that this type of optimism and pure entertainment are valuable? Why or why not? How about during our time? Why do you think Baum wrote this story when he did?

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Was there anything going on in the world at that time that might have led him to want to write a pure fairy tale? What are the power dynamics in Oz? Frank Baum. My Account. Log Out. Logged In As. Library Home Page. Can't find what you want?

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Add a Review. Add To List. When a tornado hits her farmhouse in Kansas, Dorothy is caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, complete with flying monkeys, talking lions, and silver slippers.

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