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Come, that's very well—very well, indeed! I shall communicate with my friend with due despatch. Command Cornet Ollapod on all occasions; and whatever the gilt Galen's Head —— By the way, I have some double-distilled lavender water, much admired in our corps. Permit me to send you a pint bottle, by way of present.

(Scene from The Poor Gentleman, at the Strand Theatre )

These were Sir Robert Bramble, a rough-grained but warm-hearted gentleman of the vicinity, and Humphrey Dobbins, his honest and obstinate old servant, who spent half his time in contradicting his master, and the other half in admiring him. I tell you, I don't like your flat contradiction.

Only arrived from Russia last night, and though I told him to stay in till I rose, he's scampering over the fields like a Calmuc Tartar. But there's no flattery in it, and it keeps up the independence of argument. Frederick, the young visitor of whom they had spoken, was the son of Sir Robert's brother Job, who had gone to Russia twenty-five years before, married there, made money, lost it all a year ago, lost his wife shortly after, and now had sent his son to his brother in England. This son proved to be a lively, light-hearted fellow, handsome and manly, and of such honesty and independence of manner that he at once found the way to his uncle's heart.

In fact, on returning from his ramble, he contradicted his uncle with such charming impudence that the old man went into ecstasies. Give me a man who is always plumping his dissent to my doctrine smack in my teeth. I hate the business of the morning. Well, we mustn't neglect business. If there are any distresses in the parish let me hear of them, Humphrey. The old man thereupon read a list of parish troubles, all of which Sir Robert agreed to relieve, while Frederick proposed to kick all the grasping rascals who had caused them.

The list ended with the story of Lieutenant Worthington, of whose uncomplaining poverty Humphrey had heard from farmer Harrowby. Hang me, if I—— But we'll argue that point as we go. Unfortunately, death had stepped in and rendered both these securities worthless. The unlucky man received a lawyer's letter that morning, stating that Mr.

This was the feather that broke the camel's back. I mean, sir, you have made me look the silliest dog in the world.

The poor gentleman.

My heart was so full that I forgot that my pockets were empty. Far from it. But I have just come from Russia, where I left my father in trouble, and have paid my last shilling to the coachman who set me down at my uncle's gate. I can see that your heart is in the right place. But I shall never be the to take a penny from you while your father is in distress. Yet I honor your motive, and shall cherish your friendship.

He had time enough to take part in another interesting scene—which we shall presently describe—before his uncle and Humphrey Dobbins reached the point where the lieutenant stood, in deep reflection, before his cottage. In fact, Lieutenant Worthington, fearing that officers of the law might arrive at any moment to arrest him for non-payment of the bond, and seeing this plainly-dressed and harsh-featured pair, was sure his time had come. Humphrey's action was not calculated to reassure him.

The misunderstanding thus started went on from bad to worse, the lieutenant being sure that his visitors were bailiffs, come to arrest him, and they not knowing what to make of his odd answers. Humphrey, what do you think of this? I'll—— No, I'll keep my temper! But, curse me, if you ever set foot over my threshold! To take a baronet of the old school for a bailiff! Well, by Jove, there's no flattery in that! But, while the parties thus spoken of are coming up, we must return and explain how Frederick Bramble came into such close association with Emily Worthington.

It was, in fact, the outcome of the plot which Cornet Ollapod had formed with Miss McTab, to give Sir Charles Cropland the opportunity for a secret interview with the young lady. This plot had worked admirably up to a certain point. Emily was readily induced by her aunt to walk out with her, and in a short time found herself at the edge of a wood near the village. In reply to her niece's questions, Miss McTab stated that the wood before them was part of the park of Sir Charles Cropland, who, as she had learned, was at present at his manor house.

I declare, here is Sir Charles himself! He engaged her in a conversation in which her responses were more short than gracious, while Ollapod absorbed the attention of Miss McTab, whom he gradually led away, on pretence of showing her a beautiful view. Fifty yards farther we may see all. A little swampy here, to be sure,—better for snipe-shooting. Ollapod was, perhaps wickedly, unfortunate in his gallantry, for he managed to conduct Miss McTab into the centre of a slough, where she sank to her middle in the mud.

This done, he, very ungallantly, left her to get out as she best could. More Details Other Editions 2.

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