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The E. In fact, the E. He was led to Giant Rock, California for a contact on April 12, , and discovered on the following day that others were gathering there for a convention, and he met other interested individuals there for the first time. His contacts with the alien E. Menger's Official Website. Butts and S. Casellato, M. Bianca, and Wendelle C. Albert Coe and Wendelle C. Sherwood, and Wendelle C. Welch and Wendelle C. Pallman and Wendelle C. Renaud, Gabriel Green and Wendelle C. Renaud and Wendelle C. Stevens and William J. The men gave certain intimate family accounts only known to the sisters to prove their integrity.

After a confidence is established, the men give instructions for creating a device that allows for six months of contacts to occur. In November , Helen leaves in a spacecraft in a secluded Illinois woods with one of the men to a mothership, where she calls down to her sister Betty on Earth. The council of beings from Mars asked the sisters to speak out against the development and testing of atomic weapons, and that radioactivity was already spread across Earth at dangerous levels.

Their account was originally published in , called "We Met the Space People. Those language scholars who have studied the Baavi language brought back by "Y" have stated that it bears all the characteristics of a useful language system, and also state that it is unlikely that "Y" or anyone else contrived the language here on Earth. Buck Nelson bio from gratisenergi.

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N orman Founder of Unarius. Shiela Schultz. Renaud, Gabriel Green, and Wendelle C. Korendor webpage. Fire and brimstone. George Van Tassel bio. Andreas Heinisch a. Stevens and Heinisch aka Wisengrun. A graduate student in an alien space academy on the planet Koldas, required to live and support himself for two years on an extra-planetary body, chose Earth for his post-graduate assignment because his instructor in the ET academy had also chosen Earth for his assignment.

The instructor's glowing accounts of the extreme variety in all species and classes of things on Earth fascinated the young ET student, particularly our institutions of religion and money, which their ET society did not have. In his work assignment to support himself here, the young ET from Koldas worked at an electronics assembly plant with Edwin White. The two humans became good friends as White took the ET to various churches at the ET's particular request. When the ET finished his assignment and was picked up by his planetary society, he had helped White modify his ham radio set so that the ET could make direct contact with White at any time.

The ET explained Koldas' interest in their operations here on Earth. Norman Omnec Onec Ludwig F. Extra-dimensional beings regularly make demonstrations which the brothers continue to photograph up to present day. The case includes a myriad of photographs taken by the brothers, images which defy all conventional description. Believing him the owner of the field, they abducted him aboard their ship and took off for their home planet called Acart, about the size of Earth with some 20 billion inhabitants, thinking he could help them propogate successfully.

T ruman B ethurum M. The humble contactee, Raphael Chacon, was finally convinved by the E. Chacon voluntarily left Earth with the visitors, and so far has never returned. The contact developed as the visitors repeated their visits with DeWilde.

In Blue Book Special Report # 14

An example of a another relatively unknown but worthy contact case from around the world, most of which are just beginning to be shared between citizens of the world. G abriel G reen J ohn H arrington R. Herrmann aslo suffered insidious attacks by a mysterious group of government operatives whose purpose appears to be to frustrate both himself and the team of UFO researchers who were investigating Herrmann's multi-year contact case. The extra-terrestrial being from Planet Ectom asked Jose if he and his wife Graciela would be willing to carry one of the fertilized ovums of the E.

The goal of the Ectom E. Thr Ectom E. There were eight other native women involved in this impregnation process in this region of Ecuador at the same time. They met him several times on the high Altiplano mountain range after that. They were treating native Altiplanos who had no access to medical treatment.

The ETs demonstrated remarkable cures aboard their vehicles. The ETs showed him many ancient historical events from Peru's' ancient past, including how blocks were carved and flown into position in the great Peruvian megalithic structures. Asket led Meier through all of the world's great religins, and Meier became a lay teacher of each, in preparation for his future role in disseminating Pleiadian understanding to Earth humanity. Asket took Meier to the very doors of death on a number of occasions to prepare him for his future role with visitors from the Pleiades.

Our society sucks, so now what? This is exactly what Thomas Jefferson warned Americans about two hundred years ago, when he said in a letter to John Taylor, "I sincerely believe with you that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies. That will be the essence of the essays on UFOHypotheses. Stay tuned Thoughts come in all varieties, but how you act on your thoughts determines the reality of the world that we share together.

So in order to create a better world, you need to start with yourself, and practice acting and making decisions-- especially little, everyday decisions-- based on an awareness that you have. One needs to consciously, constantly reevaluate your thoughts, look at them from different perspectives, and view your desires objectively, making every effort to see the ripple effects of what happens when you behave acting on any of your thoughts. Act on your thoughts with the highest good in mind, and reject acting on your poor, selfish, strictly self-serving thoughts.

This is fundamnetal in creating a good world.

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Regent Press Berkley, CA. Berlitz, Charles and William L. The Roswell Incident. Bishop, Greg. Blum, Howard.

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Boylan, Robert. Project Epiphany. Bowart, Walter H. Bowen, Charles, ed.

The Humanoids. Broughton, Richard S. Parapsychology: The Controversial Science. Bruni, Georgina. Bryan, C. Knopf, Inc.

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New York, Bryant, A. Healing Shattered Reality. Bullard, Thomas E. Bloomington, IN. Burnrich, J. Carlsberg, Kim.

Beyond My Wildest Dreams. Carpenter, John. Springfield, MO, self-published. Carpenter, D. Chace, David W. Their site became another victim of cyberstalking and harassment and was thusly taken down.

Sanni Ceto had published several unique ET illustrations, but Sanni became another victim in a long line of people who have been threatened and cyberstalked and have closed their websites. Chalker, Bill. Chester, Keith.

Clamar, A. Psychotherapy in Private Practice , Clark, Jerome. Clellend, Mike.