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Aquarians are often at odds with their surroundings. Many have a stubborn streak that gets in the way of them being open-minded free spirits.

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Some might say they're freaks and sometimes have fetishes or obsessions being fixed signs. They defy the norm, sometimes just to make waves.

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Aquarius' symbol is the Waterbearer, signifying finer energies brought down to Earth. Aquarius hears what others don't, and brings a seer's perspective to day-to-day events. This is a group and friend oriented sign, known for its interest in causes that advance humanity. Like in life, Aquarians can be counted on to delight and shock you when you're in their inner social circle. They often have many friends, but few that can be counted as intimates. A stereotype for Aquarius is that they make very unconventional choices in love.

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If others play it safe, with those within their own cultural or social strata, Aquarius dates the wild cards. An Aquarian might date someone much older or much younger , or from a different race or planetary hemisphere.

Aquarius is a sign that's naturally free-spirited, and that's a sticking point when it comes to love. They often want to have a wide range of motion, that includes other lovers.

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Though an Aquarian ready to settle down, is a loyal friend for life. Flowers are known Saturn blooms like heartsease, or pansy, the blue cornflower and Solomon's seal Aquarius's flowers. Unusual or striking flowers like bird-of-paradise, red bromeliad, orange coxcomb. Star-shaped varieties, like the Star of Bethlehem. It could simply be a sense of acceptance; an excitement that surrounds the decisions you make. On Feb.

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For the following astrological forecasts, check your sun, moon, and rising sign. When a new moon is around the corner, so is a whole lot of hope. Even if everything in your life is all out of sorts and you have no clue what's going on, you can use a new moon to let go of your worries and make your desires known to the universe. By setting an intention on a new moon, you're essentially planting a seed that will grow as long as you nurture it with attention and care. Because this new moon lies in community-oriented, warrior-for-justice Aquarius, it has the power to bring you closer to like-minded people who inspire you.

It wants to help you work with others, showing you how gratifying it feels to make the world a better place.

Because this new moon blossoms in your ninth house of adventure, it's sending you off like a baby bird flying away from its nest. You're going where the wind pulls you, gleaning wisdom from all your experiences, and your perspective of the universe is becoming that much bigger. This lunation wants you to leave your hometown behind and go traveling the world. It wants you to finally delve into that subject you've always wanted to learn more about.

It wants you to feed on everything interesting that this world offers.

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If this feels like pressure, it doesn't have to. You can simply make the decision to remain open-minded to new ideas, to say "yes" to spontaneous opportunities that arrive for you. This lunation is stripping away society's limitations and expectations so that you can unleash your inner-child.

Lighting up your fifth house of fun and pleasure, this lunation is all about rediscovering your passion, expressing yourself artistically, and leaving a splatter of paint wherever you go. This lunation is simply about having a good time.